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Our Services

Advanced Behavioral Solutions, LLC offers a variety of services for your child. Our licensed and certified ABA consultants will create an individualized program specifically for your child, adjusting therapy techniques as needed to maximize their learning.

1:1 ABA Therapy

Our 1:1 services are provided within a comprehensive or focused treatment model. We provide in-home, center-based, school-based as well as telehealth ABA therapy for your child. Our goal is to work together to design an individualized therapy program that fits your family life and routines. Our programs  build important sets of skills across many domains ((Language & Communication, Play skills, Social skills, Self-help and more!) and our curriculum combines decades of research and years of experience in the field.

School-Based Services

Our trained behavior analysts are available to provide school support by reviewing Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and attending school meetings in order to collaborate and allow for comprehensive services. In addition, observations and sessions can be conducted in the school setting when given permission.

Parent Training

Family involvement in treatment remains central to our treatment philosophy. Parents are always the first and most direct line of care to a child. As such, there is a strong parent training element to all of our behavior plans, which includes collecting parental input relating to therapy and helping parents be a part of the therapy process. ABS  staff work together with the family to implement behavioral programs targeted to promote the development of age appropriate social interactions, communication skills and the reduction of behaviors that interfere with family life. We use a variety of active teaching methods such as modeling, role play and practice with feedback. Parents are  involved in the development of goals and will learn when and how to use a variety of strategies tailored to their child’s needs. Their priorities are our priorities in our highly individualized parent sessions.

ABA Workshops

ABS is able to offer customized training and consultation for staff at schools, social service organizations, non-profits, parent support groups and private companies. All workshops include hands-on experiences and can be customized to the length needed.

Topics include:

  • Addressing problem behavior at home, school, or community
  • ABA for special education teachers
  • Conducting FBA
  • Writing effective BIPs
  • What is Autism?
  • What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?
  • Managing Problem Behavior
  • Visual schedules
  • Tips for Working with Children with Autism
  • Skill acquisition and Behavior reduction procedure

Behavioral Support Services

Behavior Support Services (BSS) are offered to anyone who is affected by social, emotional, and behavioral barriers. The process starts with a Functional Behavior Assessment, during which our team identifies the function or context of each behavior within the natural environment. Following the assessment, our team develops a behavior plan outlining ways to prevent challenging behaviors, teach programs to increase functional skills, and respond to challenges.

Social Skills Group

Group work is a powerful and effective way for children to learn through peer modeling and “in-the-moment” feedback. Our groups teach skills that can help children who have difficulties with:

  • Joining in.
  • Managing emotions.
  • Reading social cues.
  • Being “other-focused” during conversations, small group projects, games, etc.
  • Using friend-making skills such as friendly body language and eye contact.
  • Negotiating and compromising.
  • Being flexible.
  • Following directions.

Sessions are conducted once a week for 45 minutes, and participants range from ages 5 through 18 years old.
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